How to participate in The Artfor’s charity auction

Register on the website, fill in your personal information. You can choose to bid anonymously and be notified when other members raise your bids.

Find the work you like in the lot catalog, go to its page, check the possibility of delivery to your city (delivery is paid by the buyer).

Delivery terms can be found here.

Select the size of the bid from the drop-down list on the lot’s page. The minimum step depends on the last bid.

  • $100 - $500  step $50
  • $550 - $1000 step $100
  • $1100 - $5,000 step $200
  • > $5300 step $500

1o-minute rule
If a bid on a lot was made in the last 10 minutes before the closing of the auction, the auction for such a lot is automatically extended for another 10 minutes. If a new bid is not received 10 minutes before the end of the time, then the auction is closed, and if a bid is received, the auction is extended for an additional 10 minutes. Only those who made bids on this work during the main time of the auction can take part in the additional time of the auction, the buttons of the bids are inactive for the rest of the participants.

Artists have the right not to sell their work if the last offered bid is less than the average market value of the artwork.

After the end of the auction, you will receive an email confirming your win in the auction and instructions on how to make the transfer to the fund.

Money must be transferred within 3 days after the end of the auction, otherwise, the work goes to the participant who made the previous bid. If for some reason you are unable to transfer money, please contact us.

We will deliver your painting to the address. Delivery time from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the location of the painting and the address of the buyer. If the painting was purchased as a gift by a certain date, but the delivery time is longer, we can provide an electronic certificate with a description of the painting and the name of the recipient, so that you can please your loved ones on the right day.