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About us
The Artfor’s – art for more
The Artfor’s is the first online auction of modern art in Armenia. We started from the charity auction #ArtForArmenia in the fall of 2020 and grew into the platform for international online auctions of modern art created by Armenian artists.

With The Artfor’s, it will be easy to bid and buy a work of an Armenian artist from anywhere in the world, because we:
1. select the best works of artists and provide their verification;
2. make the experience of bidding and buying simple and pleasant;
3. organize delivery and take care of permission and other documents that are necessary for the export of works of art abroad.

Follow the news on our social media, because the starting date of our first auction of Armenian art in a new format will be announced soon.

Along with the main format of commercial auctions, our team has kept the format of annual charity online auctions #ArtForArmenia, for which artists and art collectors from all over the world donate their works to support social projects in Armenia. In 2020 during the two weeks of the online auction #ArtForArmenia, we managed to collect more than 40.000 USD for the All Armenian Fund.

The second charity auction #ArtForArmenia was held on December 11-18 in favor of two funds at once: the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen and the Vahe Meliksetyan Foundation.

For our charity auctions #ArtForArmenia, we carefully select the fund we want to help, study their needs and goals. For the second auction #ArtForArmenia we have chosen 2 funds: the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen (IFS), and Vahe Meliksetyan Foundation.

For the second auction #ArtForArmenia we have chosen 2 funds: the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen (IFS) and the Vahe Meliksetyan Foundation.

Why the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen?

1. Deceased and injured servicemen and their families are in great need of support right now.
2. The main purpose of the foundation is to provide financial assistance to deceased and injured servicemen and their families;
3. Transparency and accountability are the main principles of IFS.

We conducted an interview with representatives of IFS and asked about the principles of formation of IFS funds, the mechanics of payments to families, IFS’s accountability, etc.

Why the Vahe Meliksetyan Foundation?

The foundation was founded in January 2021 in memory of the clinical pharmacist Vahe Meliksetyan, who died in the 2020 war in Artsakh.
The mission of the Foundation is the development of clinical pharmacy in the Republic of Armenia.

Fund goals:
1. Organization of domestic and international events aimed at the development of clinical pharmacy.
2. Implementation of a staff of clinical pharmacists
3. Funding and training for students studying clinical pharmacy

Over the course of two years, the foundation provided nominal scholarships to 25 beneficiaries in the amount of 7 million drams (17.500 USD)

The entire amount from the auction will be directed to the creation of the «Center for the Development of Pharmacy named after V. Meliksetyan». For the first stage, it is necessary to collect 20 million drams, of which 9 million are already collected.

Foundation video
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More about the fund's projects
Our volunteers play an important role in the charity auctions #ArtForArmenia. More than 30 people provide the preparation of lots for sale, control the transfer of the payment for the winning lots directly to charity organizations and organize the delivery of the artists’ works. Among our volunteers, there are art historians, translators, marketers, logisticians, and many others without whom it is not impossible to imagine charity auctions #ArtForArmenia.
Support us
We are glad to see that the field of contemporary art is developing, there are many international marketplaces that are engaged in promoting and increasing the interest in the works of modern Armenian artists among others. However, the market of contemporary Armenian art is still relatively young, a little over 30 years old, it continues to take shape and has great potential. We decided to create a platform for online auctions in order to support the development of Armenian art by giving the artists the opportunity to express themselves on an open international platform.

We also share the idea that recognized artists do not appear on their own: they must be raised, including by the community of collectors. We want to try to create this community around contemporary Armenian art through an online platform where we can collect selected works by contemporary Armenian artists and provide an opportunity for a person anywhere in the world to find “his” painting with a confirmed auction history.

We are working on the creation and development of the platform without external funding. We believe that it has big potential and high social significance for the development of the Armenian art sector. We will be glad if our ideas and aspiration will be close to you. If you want to support us financially in this endeavor you can donate with the link or with the QR-code below.

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